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Welcome to Margo Caribbean & Canadian Cuisine

Margo offers a variety of Haitian dishes such as griot, legume, tassot cabrit and much more. Margo also offers a variety of Canadian favorites such as chicken wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and of course, poutine! We also have a "Pikliz Burger" which is a cross between Haitian and Canadian Flavors! There is something for everyone to enjoy. The flavors and ambiance will transport you on vacation!

About Us

Margo Caribbean & Canadian Cuisine is a place where good food, great ambiance and island vibes reside. It's a place for friends and family to feel good and eat good. Just like the Caribbean represent sun, warmth, love, adventure, relaxation, getaway, Margo is all that blended with a peaceful and yummy Canadian flair....we want your experience from Margo to bring you to the ultimate place.....


We now offer a beautiful sit down area to come enjoy your meal. We also have a VIP banquette available for reservation for your birthday, family gathering, corporate meeting or just because! Why not come together at Margo and TASTE VACATION!

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Catering and Deliveries!

Make any of your special events, a Margo event!! Birthdays, Baptism, etc. Please call us to discuss!


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